Track reliable
website analytics
for relevant reporting

In order to properly evaluate your online marketing efforts, you need reliable website statistics. This requires a correct technical implementation which respects the privacy of your users while still collecting relevant data for your business.

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Unlock the power of Google Analytics (GA4) with advanced trackings, custom events, conversions (key events), ecommerce or custom dimensions, metrics or properties. Our solution is tailor-made for your website and business.

Use Google Tag Manager to easily add all kinds of trackings to your website. Capture custom events from your website and translate these to advanced trackings send to the analytics tool of choice (GA4, Piwik Pro, Matomo, Plausible). All while respecting the privacy consent of your customer.

Privacy concerns and
Google Consent Mode (v2)

A proper tracking should take the privacy of the user into account, while still gaining meaningful insights for your business. We integrate with cookie banners to fully comply with the privacy law (GDPR).

Of course the Google Consent Mode (v2) takes an important part into this. But the integration with cookie consent banners like CookieYes, OneTrust or CookieBot is evenly important.
Hint: the default settings are not always the best.

Reports & Dashboards

Tracking is only one part of the equation. Reporting the correct data in easy to read reports or dashboards is evenly important. Turn your data to good use with the right metrics and report to your management with a brief summary of highlights.

Report directly from analytics

All data is gathered in a tool like Google Analytics, but which report is suitable for which situation? We help you understand the statistics so you can easily find your way to the data you need.

Reports in PDF

Care for a more easy approach? We can regularly send you a PDF with the relevant statistics, for example once per month. Just read the PDF for the insights you need or easily share within your organisation (with the management team).

Reports in dashboards

When the default reporting in analytics does not provide you the right insights straightaway (which is often the case), we can setup dashboards that show your relevant data in realtime. We have experience with tools like Klipfolio, Looker Studio, Whatagraph and Power BI.

Only have a basic tracking in place or no tracking at all? We get you started with the implementation of Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. Tracking, reporting, (micro)conversions: together we make a plan what is the best approach for your business.

Already setup the trackings but want to be sure everything is working correctly and in compliance with the privacy law? We can perform an audit or give you support to improve the implementation of your tracking through Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

Ready to get insights?

Implement in
your website system.

Whether you’re using WordPress, Hubspot, Shopify, Drupal or any other website system, the principals of implementing website analytics remain the same. We work with both predefined plugins or full custom implementations, whatever is the best solution for your case.

Social Media integration

Integrate your tracking with custom conversions in LinkedIn or Facebook (Meta) and Instagram. This ensures you of consist tracking across different platforms.

Ecommerce tracking

Track your ecommerce sales together with which products have been sold for what price. Examine specific orders, products or the total revenue of your webshop.

Funnel reports

Create a funnel report to get more insights about the different steps that lead up to a conversion. Easily visualise the drop-offs to know where to optimise next.

Meet the specialist.

Leendert van Binsbergen has 15+ years experience in website development and online advertising. The combination of being both a technical and an analytical person gives him the advantages needed for complex implementations of Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

He quickly extracts the needed insights and translates this into a technical approach for tracking and setting up reports.