Renovate your
existing website.

Sometimes you just want to extend your existing website or you would like to try a new website partner. We got your back. Whether your website was build by us or someone else, we help with all changes or extensions to your current website.

or talk with us about your challenges.

  • Take over the maintenance
  • Migrate to different hosting
  • Face-lift of the styling (colors, logo, …)
  • Add new feature to existing website
  • Copy existing website into new one
  • Restructure pages
  • Add new content or section
  • Integrate webshop with CRM or invoicing

We take over your
existing website.

Already have a website and looking for a new partner to maintain your website? We have already taken over many existing websites. Different themes, plugins or setup, there is a big chance we have already seen it. That’s why we are confident we can also take over your website, even when it was not build by us.

Of course we will advise you about how to make your website more reliable,decrease the loading time or make it easier to maintain. This will ensure you your website will be future-proof.

What is our approach?

1. Understanding the problem

In a first meeting we want to understand which adjustments are needed, what purpose they serve and how the current website is exactly built. This will allow us to define the right approach and make a tailored proposal.

2. Make a copy of the website

To minimise the impact of the work, we usually prefer to make the changes first in a copy of the website. That way, you can also test the changes properly before they will be put online.

3. Implement the changes

Our programmers implement the changes to the copy of the website. We test everything thoroughly to avoid conflicts and errors. Of course, we also show you how to use the new features within the website.

4. Apply to live website

We add the changes to the live website. Optionally, this can also be a hidden feature first so that later the new features can be activated with 1 push of a button. This way, the website will continue to work as before.

Time can give you new insights or the need for new website features, like events, a blog or a webshop. We can help you add new features to your existing website, even when the website was not build by us.

During covid we saw a lot of business add a webshop to their existing website. We help you fully integrate the webshop into your online presence and advice you on things like payments and shipping.

The migration of a website can be tricky. You have to move the files, the database, the domain and change DNS settings. In order to ensure a smooth transition with zero or little downtime, you need to know what you are doing. Rely on our knowledge of migrations in different setups.

Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to restructure your website, tell a different story and make sure your website aligns with your business. We help you implement this in a structured way, making sure the new content resonates with your customers, while keeping your previous rankings and authority.

We have already renovated websites for

WordPress partner.

Since 2015 we specialise in WordPress websites, resulting in a deep knowledge for any type of website. We have experience in all aspects of the WordPress system, including customisations, load speed optimisation, migrations, custom plugins and themes and much more.

Full Hubspot
web development.

After experimenting with some Hubspot projects, we added Hubspot website development to our arsenal since 2023. We have full knowledge of development in the Hubspot system, from website integration with forms to CRM integration with custom workflows.