Maintenance for
a healthy website.

To keep your website secure and advantage from new developments we recommend to maintain your website regularly. This includes security updates but also keeping your content fresh, checking the performance and much more. Everything that serves to remain a healthy website.

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New updates (of WordPress) bring new features. But more importantly, they improve the security of your website. We recommend to apply the updates regularly in order to keep your website, brand and your customer details safe.

Adding fresh content to your website involves new pages, news, blogs or any new files to keep your communication up-to-date. Whether or not you have a CMS (like WordPress) we can always assist you with this efficiently.

A good performing website is essential in serving your customers well. We offer several kinds of monitoring: from uptime to site speed and from rankings in Google to user statistics.

Looking to make bigger changes to your website? We consider this a renovation.

We already maintain the website for

Website maintenance
made easy.


Different companies ask for different approaches. We will offer a solution that fully supports your company in the best way possible.

Without a contract?

Our philosophy is to give our customers freedom without long-term obligations. So it is up to you whether we craft a contract or the maintenance is a one-time thing.

Full approach

When working on your website we tend to look at the whole picture. When there are any other optimisations or improvements we’ll let you know.

For stand-alone websites we recommend the WordPress system. Since 2015 we specialise in WordPress websites, resulting in a deep knowledge for any type of website. We have experience in all aspects of the WordPress system, including customisations, load speed optimisation, custom plugins and themes and much more.

Although we can build clever integrations in WordPress, if you have a need for a more integrated approach we recommend Hubspot. Easily connect with the CRM and other vital business processes. We build new websites into the Hubspot system and take care of the setup of the other parts, like the CRM, workflows and emails.