Higher return
with more customers.

To measure is to know. We provide the right insights to purposefully improve your online efforts for higher returns. Turn your website visitors into the real customers your business can benefit from.

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Already have a website and people visiting it, but not many are converting into real customers? With conversion optimisation we will remove blockages, making it easier for people to become a paying customer.

To evaluate the performance of your activities, it is import to gain insights through statistics. We help you pull the right data and visualising it in reports or dashboard so you can make thorough decisions for future improvements.

The user experience (UX) is really import for your online succes. The better the experience the more people will convert into customers. We use targeted A/B testings to gain the right insights.

Properly setup
your analytics and reports.

It is important to properly setup the tracking and analytics from the start. Since there is a lot to consider, we can help you with every question you might have.

Google Analytics

  • What is the best way to setup Google Analytics?
  • How to setup conversions?
  • What about the privacy concerns and how to handle the consent?

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

  • Why choose Google Tag Manager?
  • How to implement this properly to prevent slowing down my website?
  • What types of tags should or shouldn’t I implement through GTM?
  • How to implement consent mode (v2) into GTM?

Piwik Pro.

  • Why do I want to use Piwik Pro?
  • How can I benefit from privacy-first analytics?
  • How to setup Piwik Pro along other analytics systems?

Reports & Dashboards.

  • Which data should be included in the reports?
  • Which KPI’s are important to follow-up on?
  • With what frequency do I need to follow-up on data?
  • When do I want to implement a dashboard rather than creating a report?

We already improved the return for

Support for your
sales & marketing team.

Reaching customers online requires specific knowledge and understanding of online behaviour. We already partner with several sales and marketing teams to help them succeed online. This can be in the form of setting up a report or dashboard to give them the right insights or provide recommendations about what to improve next.